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We are dedicated to the care and preservation of our lakes,
for the enjoyment and safety of all

Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) has become an enormous issue to us in the Northland as well as across the nation.
The threat to our pristine waters is great and a challenge for us now. What should we look for? What should we do?
Who do we talk to? and plenty of additional questions need to be asked and answered.
WCOLA is attempting to face these questions and working to find answers. Of course we don’t have the resources
to deal with these issues on any kind of grand scale. We must depend on State and National agencies to counter the invasions,
but we as lake property owners and lovers of the waters can be informed and responsible for our own actions.
Please review the articles in this web site as a starting point. Also look over the new Water Quality Management Plan
and its replacement coming in June as well as our brand new AIS Rapid Response Plan to see what WCOLA is doing.
We plan to add information as we can and will continue to include articles of interest in our newsletters.
For urgent issues, WCOLA will issue “ALERTS” via email to all Chain of Lakes people.

Take a look at our new AIS section


Meet the people that make WCOLA great!

WCOLA Officers for 2017-2018


Jim Olijnek - President

Chair of our Business and Enviromental Committees


Louis Gueltzow -Vice President


Susan Lick - Secretary

Chair of the Communication Committee


Jean Koewler - Treasurer


Roger Linder and Tom Klatt - Social Commitee Chairs


Sherry Miner - Publisher WCOLA Newsletter


Doug Griffin - Chair of Government Relations

John Zimmerman - Chair of Historical Committee

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